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Advanced, effective, and
for your antique classic, luxury ride, or family car.

Anything that touches your car will scratch it.

That’s why our touchless wash is guaranteed to never scratch your vehicle


Traditional friction washes will ALWAYS scratch your car in several places. Our touchless wash NEVER will.

You can access our advanced, touchless car wash anytime. We are open 24 hours every day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year—including weekends and holidays.

Plus, discover some of our newest features: Hot Gloss and Turbo Vacuum Cleaners

Montrose Laserwash is committed to offering the latest and most advanced products available.

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Advanced, Touchless Care 24/7

In 2005, Montrose LaserWash was founded by owner Kurt Loos, a former NASA engineer who decided that he would rather work for himself. He went from testing airplane engines with detailed checklists to managing a touchless, safe, technologically advanced laser wash into which he could funnel his unique scientific background.

Montrose LaserWash provides the community with a washing experience customizable to fit any car, including Hummers.

A lot of things have to be checked regularly to keep an auto wash operating smoothly, which is why the staff at Montrose LaserWash uses detail-oriented checklists to monitor sensors, machinery, computer equipment, and other related items. Kurt visits his business daily and says his professional background enables him to walk into his car wash and see and/or hear when something isn’t operating properly. By staying involved, he goes above and beyond to make sure the service he delivers to customers is top notch.

In 2010, Kurt engaged in a major revamping of his car wash, replacing all equipment with state-of-the-art, technologically advanced machinery. He understands that other friction washes may scratch and damage your vehicle, which is why having a touchless wash is of utmost importance at Montrose Laserwash. To this day, Kurt owns one of the few car washes in the area that has the LaserWash 360, which is two generations newer than many competitors still using the LaserWash 4000. It’s faster, uses water and chemicals more efficiently, and gets customers in and out in just four minutes. Montrose LaserWash also has a high-pressure undercarriage wash, something tunnel car washes don’t offer. This feature helps remove destructive salt in the winter, keeping the underside of your car in tip-top shape.


Since you are open 24 hours daily, including weekends and holidays, does that mean there is always an employee onsite?

Each day we have a member of our staff come to our facility to ensure that equipment is operating properly. The owner of our car wash, Kurt Loos, also makes regular trips to our business to ensure that things are running smoothly. Additionally, we employ a 24-hour monitoring system. In the event that you have questions or concerns, call us at 330-665-5389.

How long does your LaserWash take?

In total, our laserwash takes four minutes to complete. Meanwhile, many of our competitors take five to six minutes from start to finish.

When I am getting my car cleaned, what does it mean when you say you’ll provide a “spot-free” rinse?

At Montrose LaserWash, we use water that is purified onsite by reverse osmosis, which leads to water that is cleansed of minerals, other types of solids, and chlorine. For the consumer, that means a squeaky clean, crystal clear finish.

Is your water recycled from other customers’ rinse water?

When you visit Montrose LaserWash, you can rest assured that the water being used on your vehicle is pure, fresh, and completely softened.

Do you use cold or hot water?

At Montrose LaserWash, we heat our water to 120 degrees, which is the hottest level legally permitted in Ohio. Many of our competitors clean vehicles with cold water, but at our facility, we simply don’t cut corners.

Is the LaserWash system guaranteed to remove all dirt and grime from my vehicle?

Touch-free cleaning is one of the best technologies for cleansing a vehicle, but we do recommend hand washing your vehicle once or twice annually to remove stubborn dirt and grime. Visiting us regularly between these selected hand washings will aid in keeping your vehicle looking its best.

Can you accommodate all types and sizes of vehicles?

Yes, our car wash is able to accommodate just about any vehicle, including Hummers and Dually vehicles.


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